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3 tips for bundling your insurance policies

Do you have multiple insurance policies? Bundling them is a simple and easy way to keep your policies together and help save you money.

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In general, when you insure multiple products, your insurance company issues a separate policy for each product. For example, your car, home, boat, life insurance, etc. will each have its own policy.

However, by combining more than one product with the same company you may qualify for discounts that can help save you money. This is what most insurance companies are talking about when they say “bundling”. At Liberty Mutual we can help you save when you bundle your auto with property!

Here are 3 tips to bundling your insurance.

Tip #1: Contact your insurance company to see what can be bundled.

The types of policies eligible for bundling depend on the company. Contact your current insurer to review your coverage and see if you qualify for any bundling discount. Don't rely on their website or online quoting tools. Sometimes policies can be bundled over the phone but not online.

Tip #2: Ask about bundling when getting new quotes.

If you're shopping for new insurance and comparing quotes from multiple companies, be sure to ask about any savings if you were to insure more than one product.

For example, some insurance companies may only offer a premium discount if you bundle your home and cars, while others may let you bundle your boat, motorcycle, RVs, and life insurance.

Tip #3: Compare possible savings.

Thinking about moving your insurance to another company for a bundle discount? Before you do, make sure you're comparing your current coverage with the new quote—apples to apples.

For example, are your deductibles the same? What about your liability limits? Always compare the savings and get a final quote before canceling or moving your coverage. This will make sure you're getting the best price without losing coverage.

Bundling your insurance policies with one company can be a great way to save on all your insurance, make it easier to manage your policies, and make claims more convenient to handle.

Learn more about bundling at Liberty Mutual, or get a quote today!

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Please note: Information presented on this page is intended to be general information about insurance and is not specific to Liberty Mutual policies. Policies and coverages vary by state and insurer. Contact your insurance company to understand specifics regarding your policy and coverages.