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Term life insurance quotes

Help give a sense of financial stability to your family with a term life insurance policy.

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What's term life insurance?

Term life insurance could help protect your loved ones financially if you pass away. This designed to be affordable coverage is set for a specified time, generally 10 to 30 years. Term life can help provide peace of mind for your family's financial stability during critical periods of your life, like while raising children or paying a mortgage.

Term life pays if you pass away during the policy term. This payment is known as a death benefit and is paid to your beneficiaries.

Who should consider term life insurance?

Term life insurance may be a good fit if you want coverage for a set period of time to help protect your loved ones if you were to pass away. It's ideal for those with specific financial obligations who want a more affordable and straightforward coverage for a defined length of time.

People looking for term life insurance could include

  • Young families
  • Homeowners with mortgages
  • People with outstanding debts

Term life insurance is typically less expensive than a whole life insurance policy.

What factors determine the cost of a term life insurance policy?

The cost of term life insurance is based on many factors like

  • Age of the insured: Younger policyholders generally pay less
  • Health conditions: Healthier people tend to have lower costs
  • Coverage amounts: Higher benefit amounts can result in higher prices
  • Term length: Longer policy terms may cost more
  • Lifestyle choices: Habits like smoking, can raise premiums

Is a medical exam required to purchase a term life insurance policy?

Requirements vary by company and policy. At Liberty Mutual, we've partnered with TruStageTM, to help make getting life insurance easy!

TruStage offers

  • Fast quotes
  • Instant decisions
  • Rates designed to be affordable
  • No requirements for medical exams or intrusive tests (Simplified Issue only)

See how simple life insurance could be by starting your life insurance quote today!

What happens if I outlive the term of my term life insurance policy?

If you live past the term of your term life insurance policy, there are typically no benefits or payouts. The coverage ends and you don't have it anymore.

That being said, some policies offer options for renew or convert to a different type of policy. Please note, these may have different premiums and terms.

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