Guaranteed Repair Network

Acts as a personal concierge for your roof and exterior repairs. We'll work with trusted contractors from start to finish to ensure repairs are done seamlessly. We even guarantee the work for 3-5 years.

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How it works

The only thing worse than unexpected damage to your home is finding a reputable contractor who can properly make the needed repairs.

The Guaranteed Repair Network takes the guesswork and stress out of your home insurance claims by providing you with facilities that have been vetted by Liberty Mutual to ensure they provide the highest-quality service. We'll manage the repair process from start to finish at no cost to you, beyond your home insurance deductible.*

To access the Guaranteed Repair Network, call 800-225-2467.

What are the benefits of the Guaranteed Repair Network?

  • Workmanship is guaranteed for up to five years for roof replacement and up to three years for other repairs.
  • Convenience and peace of mind as we track and manage the entire claims and repair process.
  • Quality repairs completed in a timely manner by trusted professionals who are experienced, have passed background checks, and are licensed and insured.

What is the Guaranteed Repair Network process?


Report your home insurance claim to Liberty Mutual.

Ask for the Guaranteed Repair Network; a contractor will contact you to schedule a damage inspection.

After the inspection, the contractor will send a damage report to your claims representative to determine what's covered under your policy, as well as payment arrangements.

If you decide to use the referred contractor to complete repairs, you will sign a repair contract and directly pay them the amount of your deductible.

We will monitor the contractor's home repair progress until they have completed repairs. That way you can relax and return to normalcy

Helpful information

While you are not restricted from asking to have other work done to your home by the contractor, only work related to and covered by your insurance claim is subject to guarantee.

Customers are eligible for program benefits only if work is completed by a Guaranteed Repair Network contractor.

Home damaged by hail

If your home was recently damaged by hail, you may quickly access the Guaranteed Repair Network to coordinate your repairs online. The process is simple to complete, and we'll be there at each step along the way. Log in below to begin.

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Insurance coverages for your home


Water Backup

Covers damage caused by water back up and overflow.

Additional Living Expenses/Loss of Rent

Covers any necessary increase in living expenses incurred by you and your house so that you can maintain their normal standard of living.1

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1Stated policy limits apply; not available in all states.
Not all services are available in all geographic locations. The terms and conditions of your Liberty Mutual Homeowner Policy and any related endorsements will prevail in the settlement of your claim, and will be subject to a deductible amount, which will be paid by you. You are in no way obligated to use our Guaranteed Repair Network. Additional payments may apply based on terms and conditions of your Liberty Mutual Homeowner Policy and any related endorsements. Roofing replacement warranty: five (5) years on replacement and three (3) years on roof repairs the guarantee is nontransferable and does not extend to upgrades, deviations, and/or additions that you may have elected to include in addition to the claim-related repairs. To ensure the quality, reliability, and integrity of the program, all claim-related repairs assessed by Liberty Mutual's Claims Representative must be completed by the assigned contractor only. Damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper maintenance, or unreasonable use is not covered. Warranties and deductibles may vary. For more information, contact your Claims Representative.